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What is Sowing.Network?

The world's first network of communities to apply blockchain technology is a non-profit project applying blockchain technology to help develop communities in various different fields … thereby spreading value, knowledge; volunteering, helping society become stronger and more sustainable

Our Missions

Sharing knowledge, spreading values, helping legit communities develop and expand. Increasing interactivity and cohesion among members through the tipping culture and innovative applications of

Each legit community group on a specific field is often extremely valuable and has extremely high content of knowledge. By helping to develop and expand these communities both in terms of quality and quantity, is contributing to the skill training and knowledge improvement of members of the communities under .

Thanks to the applications zSeedPoint , you can now donate and contribute to your favorite organizations and individuals with no limitations in space and time, directly and immediately.

In each of us, there is an honest nature and love for humanity. With zSeedPoint, you can do charity wherever you want without having to worry about ambiguity thanks to the application of blockchain technology.

The Sowers

The Sowers are the people who create content and share knowledge with the community of the ecosystem. The Sowers consist of Community owners and the members of such Communities. The Community owners are called Landlords whilst the community members are labeled as Contributors.


Landlords are the owners of communities, who create valuable and high-quality content, to administer their communities.


Contributors are members of communities, helping communities develop and spread value.

Our Honor Communities

The Tree

The Tree is a decentralized organization consists of members from all over the world who share the same passion for knowledge sharing, volunteering, and contributing together to develop

The zSeed

What is The zSeed?

The zSeed, also known as The zSeedPoint, is an electronic score created exclusively for communities in the ecosystem with the aim of encouraging community members to increase engagement as well as be more active in helping other members. The zSeedPoint is also used to participate in charitable and donation activities in the communities.

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