zTipping: a thanksgiving culture with zSeed

Thanks and gifts have always been the easiest way to create affection and joy among friends. With the Sowing Network, a culture of thanksgiving is raised to a new level so that everyone in the same community can be friends. When someone offers valuable information in a telegram group, you can thank that person by giving them a tip of a certain amount of zSeed. This creates an incentive for Contributor (content sharer) and Landlords (community owners) to continue to work to bring more valuable information and sharing to their community. This valuable information might bring future benefits to you as potential investment channels or valuable money-making arrangements.


To be able to send your zSeed using the zTipping app, simply follow the bot’s instructions:


Example: If you want to send 100 of your zSeed to telegram username Deadpool

=> You will compose syntax: /send 110 @Deadpool

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