How to Swap your zSeed reward to USDT with ezDeFi mobile app

This is a tutorial on how to swap your zSeed reward from the Referral program on The Sower bot (telegram) to USDT.

Step 1: Open your ezDeFi wallet and choose zSeed (zd network) icon. In case you have not had the icon visible in your token list, choose add more to add zSeed (zd) token.



Step 2: After choosing zSeed token,  select an address to receive your zSeedPoint from your telegram wallet


Step 3: Open the Receive option from one of your wallet addresses and copy the receiving address




Step 4: Paste the copied address to the conversation with Sower bot using command: /withdraw + amount of token + address



Step 5: Send the command to bot once you have confirmed your transaction details. Bot shall then show a transaction notification to you if the transaction succeeded.



Step 6: The zSeed amount should be sent to your wallet after being withdrew from bot


Step 7: Click on the globe Icon to access the Dapp section of the mobile app and choose ezDeFi swap




Step 8: Connect to the Swap using the address containing your zSeed

Step 9: Make sure to choose swapping zSeed from ezDeFi network to Binance Smart Chain network and insert your amount for swapping




Step 10: Once you have reviewed all transaction details and chosen SWAP, choose Continue to approve the transaction



Step 11: Once your zSeed is swapped to BSC chain, go back to the Dapp section to connect with BSCX SwapX




Step 12: Connect to the Swap using the address containing your zSeed


Step 13: Select zSeed in the From bar and USDT in the To bar to swap your zSeed to USDT


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