What is zSeed and the Need-to-know applications

I, What is zSeed?

The zSeed, also known as The zSeedPoint, is an electronic score created exclusively for communities in the Sowing.network ecosystem with the aim of encouraging community members to increase engagement as well as be more active in helping other members. The zSeedPoint is also used to participate in charitable and donation activities in the Sowing.network communities..

II, What are the applications of zSeed?

Telegram has long been an extremely popular and convenient social network for the Crypto community. Therefore, in order to enhance the behavioral culture of members in communities as well as to increase excitement about interactions among members of the Sowing Network communities, zSeed has created The Sower Bot to support helps members use zSeed on telegram groups.


When you click /Start and chat with the bot, the bot will display a welcome message. When you click /help, all the syntax that can be used to interact with the bot will be displayed along with some of the main functions of zSeed on telegram.:


Some outstanding main functions of zSeed can be mentioned as:

  1. zTipping: the function to transfer its zSeed to other users in the community for tips or thanks.
  2. zBattle: the function of direct confrontation between 2 players together in the same community by betting
  3. zFarming: developing
  4. zBank: developing
  5. zPool: developing


In addition, Sowing Network is currently implementing zSeed Referral programs with partner communities like:

  1. ezDeFi
  2. BSCex
  3. Mayor Capital

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