zActive – Tracking Solution For Telegram Groups

One of the fundamental elements of the crypto market is communities, yet the term “growth hacking” hasn’t quite captured the attention of the brilliant minds behind innovative blockchain projects.

Sowing Network is a network of thriving communities undertaking the mission of adopting and promoting sustainable blockchain technology as well as applying blockchain technology to solve real-life problems. We therefore understand the difficulties a newly established community may encounter and have been working hard to come up with a solution.

zActive is our tracking solution for Telegram groups. A completely practical answer to the problem of growing communities, zActive will be an important assistant that all group admins need to effectively manage their groups.

Plans and pricing

We have two tools to measure the activity level of Telegram groups as follows:

  • Measuring the activity level of group users: 1,000 zSEED for one year.
  • Measuring the activity level of group admins: 1,000 zSEED for one year.

If you want to register for the full package, your annual payment will be 2,000 zSEED in total. Users and admins who want to sign up for tracking will have to register with @thesowerbot in person. Once registered, activities of each individual will be collected and stored by @thesowerbot in 90 days starting from the registration date.

Register for our service

Only group admins have the right to register for this particular service. The commands for registration with The Sower Bot are:

  • Register for user interaction tracking service: /add_member_active.


  • Register for admin interaction tracking service: /add_admin_active.

Checking your activity level

The Sower Bot will provide the activity level of all members/admins at once, depending on the command used.

  • Checking the user activity level (data of all group members): /member_active.

  • Checking the admin activity level (data of all group admins): /admin_active.

Users can only check their activity level, while group admins can check the activity level of both users and admins of the group. In other words, users will only obtain a concrete result from @thesowerbot when they use command no.1, but admins will be able to yield a result from either command.

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