zBattle: because it’s fun to play with friends

Giving is receiving and with the Sowing Network both giving and receiving it is fun! In order to create a vibrant atmosphere for discussions, healthy encounters are indispensable. Therefore, the zBattle application was created so that players can challenge each other in their community by placing a zSeed bet.

To start a zBattle, a challenger will spend an optional amount of zSeed available in their wallet to challenge and the challenged will have to spend an equivalent amount (if available) to accept the challenge. After 2 players have accepted each other’s challenge, the Sower bot will select a random winner and return the result after 1 minute. The winner shall recieve 80% of betting zSeed while the remaining 20% shall be sent to Farming reply Pool


1, To start a zBattle, enter the following syntax: / bat + (the amount of zSeed) + @(username of the challenger). The challenger can accept zBattle by replying to the challenging message with command / bat



2, After the challenge is recorded, bot will show number of the block recording zBattle and announce the winner after 1 minute.



3, You can check information of any zBattle by syntax: /batdetail + ID (of zBattle), to review detailed information of the round:


4, The bot will display information about zBattle by ID

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